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What is the dream of giving a roof to 5 million homeless?


Prime Minister Imran Khan founded the ‘New Pakistan Housing Scheme’ to fulfill the promise of building five million houses in his election campaign.
Today, when his government completes a year, like other projects launched by him, this project of construction of houses is still at a great distance.
During the last one year, the Prime Minister has presided over several meetings to make this dream come true and also make necessary legislation, but it is likely to take a long time to make it a reality.
In the pre-election rallies, when the Prime Minister repeatedly announced that all his plans, including five million houses, would be implemented immediately after coming to his government, people were hopeful that Imran Khan would take over these houses. Will lay the foundations of
However, it took them several months, and after long homework, the federal cabinet finally approved the establishment of a new Pakistan Housing Authority in April 2019 and decided to build 35,000 units in the first year.
On April 19, the Prime Minister inaugurated the scheme and online registration was started.
The federal government issued the ordinance of ‘New Pakistan Housing Authority’ on May 22 but construction of a house has not started till date.
Government officials believe that the scheme is still undergoing regulatory action and that once it is implemented, construction of houses will accelerate.
Under the prime minister-sponsored housing authority, a policy board will be set up for a five-year period for the ‘development’ of planning and development of property sector projects, with members less than five including the chairman and eleven. Will not be much.
This authority will identify real estate and projects that are suitable for the development of housing schemes.
Lt. Gen. Retired Anwar Ali Haider has been appointed as the Chairman of New Pakistan Housing Authority.
According to information provided to the National Assembly, construction of houses under the scheme will begin soon.
The Prime Minister has laid the foundation stone of the project for construction of houses in selected places in Islamabad, Quetta and Okara.
Six sites have been approved by the Ministry of Housing for construction of the project in Islamabad.
This year, a budget of Rs 5 billion has also been allocated to provide free loans to the residents of Katchi population for construction of houses.
Prime Minister Imran Khan believes that the construction of houses will boost 40 industries in the country. This is why the central role has been given to the private sector and the government will play the role of facilitator.
In this regard, the government received 93 proposals from 39 companies / consortiums for joint ventures with the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation and the private sector.
Speaking to ‘Urdu News’, Parliamentary Secretary of Housing Tashfin Safdar, who is also an architect, said that the rate of homelessness in Pakistan is higher than in India and Bangladesh and the shortcomings in the housing sector are unprecedented. ۔
“That is why the government (first) decided to address these shortcomings and the Prime Minister set up a task force in which the experts were involved.”
According to Tashfin Safdar, the task force prepared suggestions based on the experiences of past housing schemes, in light of which other ministries have also been legislated in confidence.
He said that “the government has decided to deprive the people of the nearest houses to their jobs and for this purpose the details of employees and available land have been collected from the NADRA and district administration.”
Tashin Safdar said it is not fair to say that there will be so many houses in one year and so many units in another year.
“It may take only two years to plan.”
However, he expressed the belief that by the time the government completes five years, five million houses would have been built and such an automated system would have been created that no new government could stop the project.
Dr. Ashfaq Hassan, economist and key member of the Economic Advisory Council of the present government, spoke to Urdu News and lauded the idea of ​​a new Pakistan housing project.
‘The construction sector is called the Mother of Industries, whose work moves forty industries together and provides jobs ranging from a laborer to an engineer.’
Dr Ashfaq, however, expressed concern that the project would not be completed in view of Pakistan’s current economic situation.
“The interest rate has increased since Pakistan went to the IMF. At present, the government is borrowing at interest rate of 13 to 14 percent, so when the private sector gets a loan, the rate will be 17 to 18 percent. Which is the private sector that will come up for investment? ‘
Responding to Ashfaq Hassan’s question, Parliamentary Secretary Housing said that the Prime Minister himself was looking into the financial issues of the New Pakistan Housing Project. He is also talking to banks and has also instructed the finance ministry to take steps to ease investment.
However, Dr Ashfaq Hassan says that whatever efforts the government makes to simplify the project, its economic measures have increased the cost of the project and with each passing day it is common man, the salaried class. Is reaching far beyond reach.
“When the common man goes to the house to buy a bank, he will tell him the price and installment. At least then he is out of reach of a salaried man. I told the government that going to the IMF would not fulfill the promise of a new Pakistan housing project and 100 million jobs. ”
However, Tashfeen Safdar is an Egyptian that the government has created in this regard, and all citizens will be provided housing based on their income.
“Whenever a person reports his monthly income, the government will propose to him the house of the relevant category in light of his income, the installment of which will be reasonable and convenient.”

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