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About Us

Welcome to about us page and thanks for the interest in our blog.

I had taken interest in since 2008 on the Internet, Computer, and online work. I found that it is an interesting thing and with the passage of time it will grow fast. I love to create Blogging and Social Media platform. So, I decided to make “TheTech.tk”, Where I will write my favorite unique contents about the tech, Technology and another my activities. You will like my unique contents.

My name Stephen Woods. Mostly I spend my work on my laptop and I took my laptop name. Lappi is my laptop name, I know it is crazy.

SEO, Blogging, and web developing is my profession. I love to create new widgets.
I have an interest in Blogging, SEO, Gardening, Traveling, Events, Widgets, and new social media technologies. You can get more topics in these related.
Day by day when I get more experience, then I will write to add more contact below this About us page.

Technology is like a wire that goes through our lives. When it works, it associates us to loved ones, controls our vocations, and keeps us engaged. When it doesn’t, things can get befuddling, tangled, and baffling, quick. That is the reason we made TheTech, another site to enable you to get the most out of your tech so you can get the most out of your life.

“TheTech.tk” shows you how to best utilize your screens and contraptions, play around with technology, settle what isn’t working, and purchase the best rigging for your life. We’re here with clear, viable guidance to enable you to live better with technology.

The TECH, Tech Unraveled.