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Asmaa, the victim of violence reacted to his dance video

For me, all men of this world are convinced, the husband drove me into four walls, but the rest of the people drove in front of the whole world. Asmaa Aziz’s conversation
Lahore (Latest News, March 30, 2019): Asmaa Aziz, a female victim of husband’s violence in Lahore’s area defense, is getting a video virus going on in the past, in which Asma was watching dance. Asmaa, who is a victim of violence in Lahore’s regional defense, has reacted to his dance video. Asmaa Aziz says that when I told the world about my husband’s wrongdoing, everyone said it badly but I will say that there are all the decisions here, he did not make me in four walls, but you people made me dance in the whole world.
Most people like sitting, are sitting in the media who are repeatedly disguising me in front of the whole world. If someone had such a video, he would have told him and did not run this video at least again.


Speaking about this video, Asmaa Aziz said that my video is part of the past, which has been wasted for four years. He said that I would tell the public that if I have made any mistake in the past, I have been four years old that I am guilty of this mistake.

I want the rest of the people to survive. During the talk, the conversation revealed that twenty-one-day incidents occurred, but after the violence, my medical was not yet done. My wounds are getting cured, tomorrow I will not have any evidence of violence. Asma Aziz accused, police said that the money has been taken by the police. Police is not supporting me anymore.
Police do not want to resolve this issue. My recovery is happening. All the signs that were on my body have gone away. My wounds got well, the blood that was inside my eyes also went away. I am feeling well gradually. All the evidence is going to eradicate that he has tortured me. Asma Aziz appealed to high officials and senior officers to provide justice for this violence.


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