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Jumping Exercise is the best workout.

jumping rope is the best exercise to weight loss and gain muscles. skipping rope help you to be active and smart and make your body fitness well. improves your stamina get more health.   Jumping Exercise workout video See this Instagram video by @ioana_fit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu_95HkHLYw/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet          Buy …

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Asmaa, the victim of violence reacted to his dance video


For me, all men of this world are convinced, the husband drove me into four walls, but the rest of the people drove in front of the whole world. Asmaa Aziz’s conversation Lahore (Latest News, March 30, 2019): Asmaa Aziz, a female victim of husband’s violence in Lahore’s area defense, …

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Fighter plane crashes with India and Israel

Aircraft crashes by India and Israel jointly crash on plane crash New Delhi (Latest News. March 30, 2019) Indian warrior companies with the help of the Aeronautical Company have failed. A video has been released, which can be seen as unrealistic during the landing. This plane has been built jointly …

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You can not be denied Allah Creation, Video

Allah Created you and all the beautiful nature that you can see in your life. In this Video, the men and women were out of limitation, so my Allah Punished them. We are doing to earn money and forgotten everything. Allah ka azab in a Party  

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The PAK Army killed the Indian quadruple

RAWALPINDI: The Pak Army has killed the Indian military spies quad helicopter on line-off control. According to ISPR, quadrupter was put into control line sector and was placed in Chakri. Indian quadruple trapped in Pakistani boundaries for 150 meters for spying. In January this year, Pakistani Pak Army had killed …

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