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I’ve just finished eating and eating. Last night the baby was lying in the refrigerator with lentils and boiled rice. Heated them together and wrapped the blessings of pickles together. Yesterday, there was leftover onion. Always try to make the dishes less dirty. Therefore, put the rice in the glass …

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Nusrat was the only one

Teacher Fateh Ali Khan was less likely to see his son shine in the music, so he wanted to make him a doctor. The son’s life seems to be in the music, so he reached the stage when the teacher gave up and started teaching the son to the music …

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Sarfraz Ahmed will not resign from Captaincy

The PCB was decided to make captain and also make the decision to remove, captain of the national team press conference Lahore Sarfraz Ahmed, captain of the national cricket team, pressed a press conference saying that we did not play well in the first 5 matches, and the criticism of …

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Jumping Exercise is the best workout.

jumping rope is the best exercise to weight loss and gain muscles. skipping rope help you to be active and smart and make your body fitness well. improves your stamina get more health.   Jumping Exercise workout video See this Instagram video by @ioana_fit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu_95HkHLYw/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet          Buy …

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