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Did the US-China trade war be discussed at the GSeun meeting?

US President Donald Trump has denied that his trade war with China is causing disagreements at the GSean summit, but has hinted that he will not escalate the war.
President Trump said the issue was not being discussed at the GSean meeting.
According to the news agency AFP, European countries involved in G-Seon have expressed concern over the ongoing ‘trade war’ between the United States and China and believe that this could have a negative impact on globalization.
It is important to note that GSeun is a group of seven developed economies in the world, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The GSeun countries meet annually and this time France is hosting it.
Talking to reporters during a meeting in France, according to news agency AFP, Trump said, “I think these people (GCeon countries) value this trade war.” It has to happen. ‘
When asked whether leaders of other countries criticized trade tensions between the United States and China, Trump said, ‘No, that’s not it. I haven’t heard that. ‘
According to AFP, President Trump said he would stop the trade war with China from escalating further.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said during a breakfast with President Trump on Sunday that he “did not like tariffs” and wanted “peaceful trade.”
The trade war between the United States and China has come to a turning point.
On Friday, President Trump imposed additional taxes on Chinese imports worth $ 550 billion in exchange for China raising tax on US goods.
However, two days later, on Sunday, Trump indicated that he would be gentle in his decision, as he feared the trade war would not escalate.
President Trump said he would immediately refrain from a declaration of emergency under which he could order the American company to leave China.
‘I can do it because I have a choice. I can declare an emergency. But I have no intention of doing so yet. ‘
President Trump wrote on Twitter on Friday, deciding to seek an alternative to China, before deciding to ease his behavior.
But despite Sunday’s verdict, President Trump said that the US has suffered almost a trillion dollars annually because of China because China steals intellectual property. ‘… This is an emergency in many ways. ‘
The US president believes that China will surrender to the demands of the United States to improve trade relations.
“We are in talks. I think they want more than me to get a deal. ‘

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