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Fighter plane crashes with India and Israel

Aircraft crashes by India and Israel jointly crash on plane crash
New Delhi (Latest News. March 30, 2019) Indian warrior companies with the help of the Aeronautical Company have failed. A video has been released, which can be seen as unrealistic during the landing.
This plane has been built jointly by Israel with DD-Aero India and India Aeronautical Limited, but this attempt is badly failed.

India tried to make Pakistan its JF17 Thunder while trying to make its aircraft and also helped the country like Israel, but the fear of India was found in the dust when the plane went on landing during a failed flight. Destroyed.
Last days, India has already faced enough Hizmite hands on Pakistan when the Pakistani aerial aircraft had killed two aircraft of the Indian Air Force, one of which is also a MIG 21, which India was very proud and now the Indian airplane collapsed. Is destroyed.


On the other hand, the third batch of Pakistani JF-17 Thunder aircraft is in the process of completion, while in the first two batches Pakistan has made its 100 aircraft and JF17 Thunder has been labeled Tested Under-War after the Indian plane crash.


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