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This is All The Issues No One Tells You About Hollywood

Hollywood Lifestyle – Nobody works when it rains.

In case you‘re late due tosite visitors,” folks really consider you.

If you're late because of "traffic," people actually believe you.

therealfelixbaumgartner / By way of instagram.com

Bringing your canine all over the place is totally acceptable.

Bringing your dog everywhere is completely acceptable.

Canines are like kids right here.

frenchie_handsome.junior / By way of instagram.com

The celebs are literally simply part of the common outdated sidewalk in Hollywood.

The stars are actually just a part of the regular old sidewalk in Hollywood.

vainaminha1987 / By way of instagram.com

Getting someplace is at all times estimated in minutes, by no means miles.

Getting somewhere is always estimated in minutes, never miles.

iamzelmonster / By way of instagram.com

And each two miles you are mainly in a unique metropolis.

And every two miles you're basically in a different city.


Everybody just about prefers glowing water over soda (or pop, for you Midwesterners).

Everyone pretty much prefers sparkling water over soda (or pop, for you Midwesterners).


In case you do not use reusable luggage to assist save the atmosphere, you’ll pay 10 cents per sack on the grocery retailer.

If you don't use reusable bags to help save the environment, you will pay 10 cents per sack at the grocery store.

radianceharris / By way of instagram.com

Nobody actually is aware of methods to drive within the rain, so wet days are like snow days right here.

No one really knows how to drive in the rain, so rainy days are like snow days here.

salle_de_victoria / By way of instagram.com

There are actually just a few Walmarts, however Targets are all over the place they usually have multi-leveled parking garages.

There are literally only a few Walmarts, but Targets are everywhere and they have multi-leveled parking garages.

caresse19 / By way of instagram.com

The Hollywood signal is actually similar to a billboard that by no means modifications.

The Hollywood sign is really just like a billboard that never changes.

And it’s really illegal to go near it.

benjibear76 / By way of instagram.com

Individuals do not actually run into well-known folks each single day.

People don't really run into famous people every single day.

However everybody you meet DOES have a narrative or three a couple of run-in with a celebrity.


You are assured to get a parking ticket over $65 not less than 3 times a 12 months.

You're guaranteed to get a parking ticket over $65 at least three times a year.

petravasvari / By way of instagram.com

Oh, and you possibly can get a jaywalking ticket that is about $250 or a crimson mild digital camera ticket that is over $490.

Oh, and you could get a jaywalking ticket that's about $250 or a red light camera ticket that's over $490.

the.jch10 / camerajammer / By way of instagram.com / instagram.com

Only a few individuals are really from LA, so that you by no means alternate cellphone numbers with out giving your space code first.

Very few people are actually from LA, so you never exchange phone numbers without giving your area code first.


Not each server is a struggling actor, and if they’re, they’re in all probability sick of being requested if they’re one.

Not every server is a struggling actor, and if they are, they're probably sick of being asked if they are one.

shakerato3600 / By way of instagram.com

You may count on your road, your grocery retailer, your mall, and even the freeway to be shut down for filming fairly frequently.

You can expect your street, your grocery store, your mall, or even the freeway to be shut down for filming pretty regularly.

staciel3 / By way of instagram.com

Lastly, residing in Los Angeles is F&%*ING costly, and in addition F&%*ING price it. However you already knew that. 😉

Lastly, living in Los Angeles is F&%*ING expensive, and also F&%*ING worth it. But you already knew that. 😉

nicole_dionne / By way of instagram.com

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