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Israeli Prime Minister’s wife proved guilty of ‘official food’, sentence of fine

play-videoA court of Israel has convicted Prime Minister Netanyahu’s wife to use a government fund for food.
Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Netany Yahoo has been considered to be a lawyer to benefit from another person’s mistake. The Israeli Prime Minister’s wife accepted the crime of ‘Plaig Bargain’ after which the court convicted them to pay only penalty and compensation.

According to the AFP news agency, they were instructed to pay the penalty for compensation and compensation.
Sarah Nitin Yahoo has been fined for $ 10,000 ($ 2800) under Plategarden, which has been told by the court to return the state to 45000 shekels (12,552).
The 60-year-old wife of the Israeli Prime Minister will pay the penalty for nine years.
According to Israeli newspaper Hartes, the case was presented in the court in Chancellor June 18, 2018 against Prime Minister Netanyahu’s wife. Sarah was accused of being charged in Sarah that he had ordered a million dollars worth of money from the government fund and hid the fact that he was a employee for cooking at the residence.
Former deputy prime minister of the Bureau, Ezra Saidov, has also acknowledged his crime.
Ezra Saidov was in the crime of ordering food. They will pay ten thousand shekels. There will also be 120 hours service service for the Ezra community.
According to Yoshi Kohn, lawyer of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s wife, this case was intended to downplay Prime Minister Netanyahu. He said, “My motives take part in serious activities and important activities which include hosting and hosting of senior officers and politicians.”

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