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Social media celebrity


I’ve just finished eating and eating. Last night the baby was lying in the refrigerator with lentils and boiled rice. Heated them together and wrapped the blessings of pickles together. Yesterday, there was leftover onion. Always try to make the dishes less dirty. Therefore, put the rice in the glass in which the dal was placed. If the dishes were to be washed, then the poor would have to bear it.
At night the potatoes will fry the carrot vegetables and fry on the oven. Goodness allah This time it is intended to make biryani and Nargis kofta on weekends. Pictures will also be taken. For day-to-day sauces, I never cut so much effort that I decorated the glassware and clicked the camera. Take the biryani rakibi outside into the balcony where there are good pictures of sunlight.
Not so much activity every day, Baba.
Soon I am writing that lunch break is about to end. Working from home is a common practice here. But there is one problem and one is that the person does not wash his mouth. In a pair of clothes that have been floating around since morning, the laptop leans on its neck. That is why even nowadays, not taking selfies. Have some makeup, beautifully highlighter, beautify with lipstick lip liner, put lace on the eyeliner stars, blow dry hair, not wear the whole dress but at least a new shirt. ۔ Be sure to complete the exact filter so that our color and color are changed. Does it matter if you have a flower crown on your head or resemble a lion’s nest?
After all, there are also etiquette for taking selfies.
Well what a poet has said is that greatness in hard work. We are proud of the hard work that has been taken on all social media. If you ask anyone on the go, you will appreciate our food. Friends eat our variety of glamorous images. We also put a picture of a bird or a plant along the way while going vegetable. Just a little bit of Impression. Peacock dancing in the forest and who saw the vegetable bag outside the picture.
But you just saw what we showed you with a camera eye. You heard the words we wrote. How can one know the state of a heart with a smiley face? While there are many benefits to social media, the major disadvantage is that it has created a sense of loss for all of us. Looking at pictures of someone’s Europe travel we find the terrace of our home feeling bad. Even after nine years of marriage, the laughter of her husband starts to get angry when she sees the smiling pictures of her, why she is not so enamored with us that she posts pictures of us everywhere.
Where in our childhood there were few ‘respectable’ occupations, the times have changed. Social media is not only an expression of opinion but also a means of making money. These gentlemen are called ‘influencers’, whose literal meaning is those of influence. Perky apologies that so many of our friends are associated with the profession, but God seems to be saying that false images of happiness have only given rise to feeling deprived.
Now every relationship, every opportunity is maintained according to Instagram post. Whatever our wedding, our Instagram post should look the best. If something wasn’t uploaded on social media, it certainly wasn’t. What is the cost of putting in check in expensive restaurants? What is the real story behind the post of Instagram, it is God and the posting.
Impressing your real life by being impressed with social media is like watching a film of Kiran Johar as a way of life. If I do not find Rahul, life is ruined. What is the purpose of living if a puppy is not involved with a young man walking on the road? Even if I wake up, I have hair, light pink make-up on the face that looks real from afar. In my palace there are two attitude stairs that come down with great elegance. Be truly in love with all the passers-by on the road and start the best dance on a single song. Even after watching the film, we do not consider it a reality.
We belong to an era that does not accept film as reality. The film also knows the reasons why the heroes and heroes look perfect on screen. Knows photoshop and makeup. But we are also concerned with the age at which social media has become a reality. Examines real life on it. Rice does not seem to know from the pictures of someone’s biryani and narcotics. Our time is buried in the dense layers of our sense of self.
There is some kind of drink of every age that wears from afar, but in reality it is merely an idea. There is no truth to this. We had a lot of colorful films from the past. Our food is social media. Shining from afar, imitating the lion’s aura, the narcissist looks like a coyote but when approaching, everyone flies away.
Make yourself aware of the truth of this miracle. Soon it will be fun. If not, return the money.

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