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The singers were burned to death by the fireworks on stage

play-videoA pop singer was killed in front of fans during a concert in Spain when fireworks broke out.
The young pop singer Joanna Signes, who is associated with the ‘Super Hollywood Orchestra’ group, was performing on stage in the town of Las Berlanas, northwest of the Spanish capital Madrid.
According to the newspaper El Norte de Castilla, the contents of the fireworks exploded during the performance, causing injury to singer Juana Signs.
According to the newspaper, the stunt was part of the show to create a special impression, but it scared the fans. Attendees of the concert were recording the singer’s performance via mobile phones. In the meantime, they recorded video of the singer’s fall in critical condition.
According to local media, the officers on the occasion dropped the curtains and the singer was given immediate medical help.
The incident happened on Sunday night at 2 pm local time. Emergency service staff rushed the injured singer to a local hospital, but he died shortly afterward, leaving no injuries.
According to local media, more than a thousand people witnessed the accident live.
Explosion footage has been posted by hundreds of social media users on Facebook and Twitter as well.
The above concert was part of a local festival and the ‘Super Hollywood Orchestra Group’ was also featured in the series. Joanna Signes was the lead singer and dancer of this group.
Isidro Lopez of the ‘Super Hollywood Orchestra Group’ posted a message on Facebook and expressed condolences to the singer’s family and fans over his death.
He praised the singer’s personal and artistic behavior, saying his death was a big loss to the group, which is difficult to compensate for.

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