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Toon Boom Harmony 15 Download Free Crack

How Toon Boom Harmony 15 Crack full method. Create a Toonboom. com accounts a random phone number with the same amount of the selected countryActivate your account clicking the verification link Download Harmony 15 Premium installer (or any version you want)This is the way you get a new trial license Continue downloading or cancel it if it’s already installed Install Harmony using the default installation path Choose the “Independent mode”Log in with your account created in Toonboom. comStart the 21 days trial download Run As Date from the link posted in the video descriptionChoose the compatibility mode with Windows 7Check the “Run as Administrator” boxSelect “HarmonyPremium. exe” from the default installation path of Harmony 15C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 15. 0 Premium\win64\binSet up the actual dateCopy/paste the default path, this must finish with the “bin” wordCheck all the options that I show you in the video Create a new shortcut for your frozen HarmonySearch in Start menu the “Windows Firewall”Choose the Windows Firewall with advanced options Add a new outbound rule Select the Program and Path which you want to block This times we are looking for “HarmonyPremium. exe” executable Check the “Block Connection” option check all the options to block Harmony in all networks typesAdd a name for your new outbound rule you have to do the same process to add the Inbound rulesI’ve shared a file with the paths you have to check manually if there are blocked. because there are some paths in a different folder than Harmony 15 directory these executable files are associated with the Harmony License serverThis means if you want to activate a new trial license, you have to disable the inbound and outbound rules Adding manually all the harmony executable takes a lot of time, therefore, we are going to use a method to block all the executables inside the harmony folder. . . . . . only copying and pasting a “Batch” file.

This command line is simple and can be set by yourself. If you have doubts about the content of the batch files. Just save the file with the “. BAT” extension in your desktop This file is going to block all the executable (. exe) in the main folder. Go to the Harmony folder to paste the batch filePaste the batch file and Run it as administrator The command window will automatically close when it finishes with the task. But it only adds the outbound rulesRefresh the Windows Firewall to check if the new rules have been added if you want to add all the executables to the inbound rulesYou just need to change the “out” word with “in”Save, copy and paste the new batch file at the same path as the previous batch file. Check if the inbound rules have been created in the Windows FirewallPress Windows Key + RWrite “Services. msc”Find the “Flexnet Licensing Service 64″Right click on the service. Disable and stop it in “Properties” This service is associated with some products of Autodesk, like Autodesk Maya, for example. You shouldn’t use this step because generating issues with Autodesk Licenses. Check if the Harmony tools aren’t locked check if Harmony is frozen, you only have to change the date some days further and then changing it back to the current time. Open Harmony every time to check if there isn’t any issue with the license files. You must delete the original Harmony ShortcutYou must always open scenes inside Harmony. Don’t use windows explorer to open projectsYou must not use “Render and Play” button (The Play one with the star). This option opens a Harmony Player and makes it unfreeze. If we have any issue with the license files, and we are in the trial period. We can restore the license file if it’s “corrupted” by mistake with the “Warnings” in the previous step. Or because Harmony is unfrozen by itself click in the option >”Activate Now” > “Admin. Licenses”> “Admin. Local Licenses” Repair the license and return it to the License server Because all the rules are activated, Harmony can’t connect to the activation server. Windows key + R: services. msc Check if the “FlexNet” service is running. Go to the Windows Firewall with advanced options select all the Harmony rules and disable it. Disable the inbound rules too. Now you can repair and return your license to the activation server and then log in with your toon boom. com accountPress Windows Key + R: Write “Regedit”Find this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\BD IncDelete all the folders inside the “BDinc” folder. Press Windows Key + R: Write %ProgramData%Select the FlexNet folder and then delete the files with “toon boom” in its name. Clean your Recycle binPress Windows Key + R: Write %TEMP%Delete all the files that you can inside the Temp folder. Download the program from geek unistaller. com (or use one of your preference)Extract and run the program Find the “Toon boom Harmony 15” entire right click on the program and select “Force removal”Delete all Harmony leftoversCheck if the “FlexNet” folder, “BDinc” folder in the windows registry editor, and. . . . . . “TEMP” folder is empty without any files associated to Harmony. You can create multiple Toonboom. com accounts using the “Alias” of outlook. Just add a new alias to your main email account And at the moment you need a new toon boom. com account Use one of the aliases created previously you log in repeatedly in Harmony or delete your license filesThe program will detect your main email account and then will delete your trial time (Check the video description)

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